Fiorella Pizzolon

Fields of Interest

Macroeconomics, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, International Economics


PhD expected May 2023
BS, Economics, Universidad ORT Uruguay, 2010

Job Market Paper

"Optimal Time-Consistent Monetary Policy and Currency Denomination of Sovereign Debt

Selected Publications

"Dynamics of Public Debt and Economic Growth in Uruguay,” with F. Pietrafesa, V. Queijo and O. Valenci; in Balance and Advance: Tax Reforms in the Southern Cone. Eds. D. Hernaiz Diez de Medina, F. Rodrigues Bastos and A. Schijman. Inter-American Development Bank (forthcoming)
“Testing the Dynamic Relationship Among CO2 Emissions, Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and Tourism Development. Evidence for Uruguay,” with J.G. Brida, and B. Lanzilotta B.; in Strategies in Sustainable Tourism, Economic Growth and Clean Energy, pp. 125-140. Eds. D. Balsalobre-Lorente, O.M. Driha. Springer, Cham (2021).