Lee Coppock

Professor, Undergraduate Director

Office Address

Monroe Hall, Room 210

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00- 3:30pm

Fields of Interest

Public Choice and Public Economics


Bachelor of Arts (BA), Liberty University
Master of Arts (MA), George Mason University
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), George Mason University

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • "Principles of Economics", with Dirk Mateer, W.W. Norton, (2013)
  • “The Tax Man Cometh: Constitutional Principles for Tax Enforcement,” with Daniel Sutter, Constitutional Political Economy, (2003)
  • “Evaluating the Fisher Effect in Long-Term Cross-Country Averages,” with Marc Poitras, International Review of Economics and Finance, (2000).
  • “Why Good Economic News Depressed Stock and Bond Prices in 1996,” with Willem Thorbecke, Economics Letters (1997)
  • “Monetary Policy, Stock Returns, and the Role of Credit in the Transmission of Monetary Policy,” with Willem Thorbecke, Southern Economic Journal (1996