Charles Holt

A Willis Robertson Professor of Political Economy

Office Address

Monroe Hall, Room 238

Hours: On Leave- By appointment only

Fields of Interest

Experimental economics, mathematical economics


Bachelor of Arts (BA), Washington & Lee University
Master of Science (MS), Carnegie Mellon University
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Carnegie Mellon University

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • “An Experimental Analysis of Asymmetric Power in Conflict Bargaining,” (with K. Sieberg, D. Clark, T. Norstrom, W. Reed) Games and Economic Behavior,  2013, 4(3), 375-397.
  • “A Reverse Auction for Toxic Assets,” (with O. Armantier and C. Plott) forthcoming, in American Economic Jouranl: Microeconomics, November, 2013.
  • “Hierarchical Package Bidding: A Paper & Pencil Combinatorial Auction,” (with Jacob Goeree) Games and Economic Behavior, 70, September 2010, 146-169.
  • “Assessment and Estimation of Risk Preferences” (with Susan Laury), Handbook of the Economics of Risk and Uncertainty, M. Machina and K. Viscusi, eds., Elsevier, 2013, Chapter 4.
  • “Ten Little Treasures of Game Theory and Ten Intuitive Contradictions,” (with Jacob Goeree) American Economic Review, December 2001, 1402-1422.