Can Sticky Portfolios Explain International Capital Flows and Asset Prices?

Eric Van Wincoop; Philippe Bacchetta, Margaret Davneport

Eric Young with Jianjun Miao and Jieran Wu

Simon P. Anderson Martin Peitz

Julie Holland Mortimer ;Christopher Conlon

Eric Young with Philippe Bacchetta and Eric Van Wincoop

Blame it on the rain: Rainfall variability, consumption smoothing, and subjective well-being in rural Ethiopia

Jonathan Colmer, Yonas Alem,

Eric Van Wincoop; Philippe Bacchetta, Simon Tieche

Coordinated Capacity Reductions and Public Communication in the Airline Industry

Gaurab Aryal, Federico Ciliberto (with Benjamin Leyden)

James Harrigan, Ariell Reshef, Farid Toubal

Kerem Cosar, Banu Demir, Devaki Ghose, Nathaniel Young

Eric Van Wincoop; Philippe Bacchetta; Eric Young

Anton Korinek, Bilge Erten, José Antonio Ocampo,

Kenneth Elzingal Daniel A. Crane