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Economics Computer Labs

Monroe B016b is open to all active Economics Grad Students. An ESERVICES account is required to log in to any of the (12) computers. 

Monroe B016 can be used for classes and presentations when scheduled in advance. You'll need an ESERVICES account to log in to any of the (18) computers. Experiments and scheduled classes or presentations may restrict availability of this lab.

Please keep the following in mind while using the lab computers:

  • All Lab computers are subject to being rebuilt and having user files deleted at any time without any prior notice to users.
  • Any files saved to these computers can be viewed, copied, modified, or deleted by others.
  • No student data (names, social security numbers, grades, etc.) should be saved on these computers.

Please contact Debby Stanford to obtain the combination to the Monroe B016b keypad door lock.

Computer Lab Printers

HP LaserJet 4250

  • Econ-m016a is the default printer for grad lab and grad office computers.
  • Econ-m016a-ps should be used for documents requiring a postscript driver (mathematical equations, non-standard fonts, etc.)

HP LaserJet 4200

  • Econ-m016b is the backup printer for grad lab and grad office computers.
  • Econ-m016b-ps should be used for documents requiring a postscript driver (mathematical equations, non-standard fonts, etc.)

Please contact Debby Stanford for assistance printing multiple copies of large documents.

Economics Network Drives

Three network drives will be mapped when you log on to the ESERVICES domain from any computer on grounds including those in the Economics Computer Labs.

  • G: Drive - This limited shared space is used for collaboration and file sharing. Remove files when you no longer need to share them.
  • H: Drive - This limited private disk space is intended for the temporary storage of working files. Remove your files when you are no longer using them.
  • J: Drive - This disk space is managed by ITC and can be accessed from the Economics Labs via the mapped drive, personal computers using the Home Directory Login Client, and via the Home Directory Web Interface.

Send an e-mail to if you do not see these network drives when you log on to a machine in the Economics Computer Lab.

Storage of Large Files

In addition to the network storage resources mentioned above, there are additional networked facilities provided by ITC for large storage needs. Become familiar with the Research Services provided by U.Va.

ITS (Information Technology Services) Resources

Research Computing / Scholar's Lab Resources

ITS Research Services offers computational resources available to researchers such as high performance computing, use of parallel processing, and memory intensive programming. The ITC Research Computing Support staff are located in the Scholar's Lab (Alderman Library).

Computer Software

  • Contact Matthew Slatosky if you experience difficulty with any software on an Economics Lab or Office computer.
  • Software available to U.Va. Faculty, Staff, and Students (often at no charge) can be downloaded from ITS Software Central.
  • Statistical or other specialized software can be downloaded (restrictions and/or licensing fees may apply) from ITS Research Computing.

Computer Hardware

  • Send an e-mail to if you experience difficulty with any lab or office computer owned by the Economics Department.
  • You should contact the manufacturer or reseller for problems with personally owned hardware still under warranty.
  • Cavalier Computers stocks a variety of technology items, sells new Dell computers, and offers hardware repair services.




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