Changes to ECON 3010

The information on this page was written in 2015, however, the information is still relevant: CALC II (and ECON 2010) is a firm prerequisite for ECON 3010.

Note: None of the prerequisites may be transferred post-matriculation. See our transfer credit policies here:

Released December 11, 2014, Updated November 2, 2015

Calculus II will be a prerequisite for ECON 3010 as of Summer 2015, in addition to ECON 2010. Currently, the prerequisites are Calculus I and ECON 2010. Prerequisites are typically enforced only when the individual teaching the course specifically demands it, and before Spring 2016 this will be the case with the new CALC II prerequisite for ECON 3010. It will probably be possible to take ECON 3010 in the Summer or Fall of 2015 without having completed CALC II, although we strongly recommend completing CALC II first. When enrollment begins for Spring 2016, the prerequisites will be enforced through SIS, and taking ECON 3010 without having completed CALC II first should be well-nigh impossible.
What do you mean by Calculus II?
There are a number of two course sequences in calculus that the Economics department accepts as prerequisites for ECON 3010/3110 and as meeting the declaration prerequisite in Economics. They are listed below. CALC II refers to the second course in any of these sequences.
Applied Calculus I and II: MATH 1210 AND MATH 1220
Calculus I and II: MATH 1310 AND MATH 1320
Single Variable Calculus: APMA 1090 AND AMPA 1110 (This is the Engineering school’s calculus series).
What does this mean for you?
1st years: If you have not taken any calculus, you should plan on taking CALC I in Spring 2015, so that you are able to take CALC II in Fall 2015 before attempting ECON 3010 in the Spring of your second year.
2nd years: If you are planning to attempt ECON 3010 this coming Summer 2015 or Fall 2015, SIS will not prevent you from enrolling in the course even if you have not completed CALC II. However, you may find yourself underprepared, so it is strongly recommended that you complete CALC II prior to attempting ECON 3010.
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