Frequently Asked Questions (Graduates)

Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission, you need a strong record in courses such as intermediate microeconomics and macroeconomics, calculus, and statistics. However, an economics major is not required; an MA degree is also not required.

All application materials must be submitted no later than midnight on January 15. Our Admissions and Financial Aid Committee begins to review applications in early February. Admission and aid offers typically begin in late February.

We do maintain a wait list which is very often active through April 15th.

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How do I apply to your program?

The Economics PhD program at Uva is part of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, so an applicant applies to be admitted to both the Economics Department and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The official admission application is centrally located through the College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Admission office. You may find more information here: (or inquire further at

What is the average GRE score of those granted admission? 

Most admitted students have earned a GRE quantitative score above or near the 90th percentile. The median last year was 97th percentile. We usually look for very high quant scores.

Are TOEFL scores required to apply if I attended an English speaking institution?

Waivers are automatic for students whose applications indicate they have received, or will receive, an undergraduate degree from an institution where English is the primary language of instruction. See

How many applicants are admitted?

We usually receive around 500 applicants, and each cohort is no more than 20 students (4% acceptance rate).

How likely is it that I will be admitted into the program?

We will carefully consider all applicants to our program. We will not pre-evaluate any applications prior to the regular admission process.

What kind of funding do you offer?

All students admitted into our program are granted funding for 5 years. For further details see: (under "Financial Aid").

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