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Career Assessment and Exploration

Career Planning- Personal Strategic Plan (Download pdf form to desktop to save your answers.)
Career Self-Assessment (Download pdf form to desktop to save your answers.)
Self Assessment Tools
UVA Career Center: Identify Your Interests

Job Boards

On-line Brand - Yours!

LinkedIn – Create a LinkedIn account so that you may network with U.Va. alumni and others who are in fields of interest to you. By creating a LinkedIn Profile, you will have access to thousands of potential contacts. Also, you may be recruited by firms as well. LinkedIn also has a diverse jobs and an internships database. UVA Career Center offers workshops in creating your LinkedIn profile.
How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Get More Jobs
LinkedIn - Building a Great Student Profile
LinkedIn Student Jobs
Social Media Guide to Blogging
Social Media Guide to Facebook
Social Media Guide to LinkedIn
Social Media Guide to Pinterest
Social Media Guide to Twitter
UVA Career Center: Linked and Online Branding


What is Upskiling?

Upskilling is the process of learning new skills that can be applied to the workforce. Earning diplomas, certifications, or degrees are forms of upskilling that may help you get promoted, earn more in your job, or become more competitive in the job market. Below are upskilling resources that the ECO recommends.

Coursera for UVA 

Forage Career Simulation

Khan Academy

LinkedIn Learning

MindSumo Case Competitions

ParkerDewey MicroInternships


Videos From ECO Events

Career Forum:

2023 Economics Undergraduate Career Forum Keynote: Francesca Wahl

2019 Economics Career Forum

2018 Economics Career Forum

Common Good:

Economics Careers for the Common Good (Nike, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Strategic Initiatives Children's Aid, Brookings Institution)


Consulting (Bates White Economic Consulting, NERA Economic Consulting, BCG, Bain)

Economic Litigation Consulting Field with Professor Elzinga (Bates White, Berkley Research Group)

Federal and Technology Consulting (Deloitte)

Management Consulting (Bain & Co.)

Consulting Industry Talk (Bain & Co.)

Consumer Goods:

Consumer Goods (Anheuser-Busch)

Data Analytics:

Data Analytics Careers for Econ Majors (Mastercard, The Athletic, Major League Baseball)

Data Analytics (Miami Dolphins, HBOMax)

Careers in Data Science (Guidehouse, Federal Reserve Board of Governors)

Diversity Talks:

Women in Business: A Career Talk

ECO Young Black Perspectives Panel


Asset Management (UVA Investment Management Company, Hamilton Lane)

Investment Banking and Commercial Banking (Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Capital One)

Finance Careers for Econ Majors (LL Bean, Spectrum Equity, JPMorgan)

Careers Working in Finance (Jobs Outside of Banking) (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, American Real State Partners, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Rackspace)


Government (U.S. News and World Report, Environmental Protection Agency)


Insurance (Allianz Partner)

Internship and Grad School Panels:

PhD and Masters Programs in Economics (Northwestern, Economics Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, Applied Economics MS)

How I Got Into Graduate School with Economics PhD Students (Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, Economics Predoctoral Fellow, Opportunity Insights)

Intenrship Panel  

Internship Panel

Job Search Workshops:

Behavioral Mock Interview Workshop

Job Search Workshop with Tiffany James 


Law Careers for Econ Majors (US Securities and Exchange Commission, USAA Bank, Old Dominion University)


Careers in Marketing (Capital One, Frontdoor, Spice Collective)

Marketing (Hanover Research, Unilever, Snap Inc.)

Product Management:

Product Management (IoT & Analytics, Smartsheet)

Project Management (Auxo Solutions)

Public Policy:

Public Policy (Forté, Center for Economic and Policy Studies)

Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Federal Reserve Board, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

Real Estate:

Real Estate (Brookfield Properties)


Business Development (Chemonics International, IBM)


Tech (Google, Amazon)