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Career Planning- Personal Strategic Plan (Download pdf form to desktop to save your answers.)
Career Self-Assessment (Download pdf form to desktop to save your answers.)
Self Assessment Tools
UVA Career Center: Identify Your Interests

Dress Code

Gaining Experience (Clubs, Non-academic Courses, Research and Labor Market)

Build Skills through Research
Business, Consulting, and Finance Clubs at UVA
UNLEASH is an initiative to match undergraduate students with research opportunities sponsored by UVA faculty. To learn more about UNLEASH, and how you can use it to find a research project, visit
Credit for Internships
Funding an Unpaid Internship
UVA Career Accelerators: Coursera, Propel, Industry Academics

Job Boards

On-line Brand - Yours!

LinkedIn – Create a LinkedIn account so that you may network with U.Va. alumni and others who are in fields of interest to you. By creating a LinkedIn Profile, you will have access to thousands of potential contacts. Also, you may be recruited by firms as well. LinkedIn also has a diverse jobs and an internships database. UVA Career Center offers workshops in creating your LinkedIn profile.
How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Get More Jobs
LinkedIn - Building a Great Student Profile
LinkedIn Student Jobs
Social Media Guide to Blogging
Social Media Guide to Facebook
Social Media Guide to LinkedIn
Social Media Guide to Pinterest
Social Media Guide to Twitter
UVA Career Center: Linked and Online Branding