Job Search Advice from the Class of 2013

“Follow your interest, not your wallet” – Robert Bui

“Don't wait until the last minute to use the resources available to you. Planning pays off.” – Mary McCoy

“Don't think that your major determines your career path.” – James Howard

“Talk to people, not just at UVA, find people to talk to in the work force, ask them what they do and why they do or don't like it.” – Bryan Lewis

“Build your connections and look for upper-class/alumni mentors as early as possible.”- Hanyue Zhuo

“Be persistent and don't be afraid to turn down job offers if it isn't the job you want. While it may bescary, you will get another offer.” – Catherine Murtagh

“Start looking early to get an idea of what you want! I started looking for jobs in September and probably changed my mind five times about what I wanted to "be." I found the job that I am beginning this summer completely randomly on LinkedIn. Be strong - it will work out!” – Drake Hodgekiss

“Apply for jobs early and often.” – Bernard White

“Don't become discouraged if you do not receive an offer from a company. Instead use the experience to better yourself for the next opportunity” – Patrick Cox

“Start early; apply everywhere; interview as much as you can even if you don't think you want the job - get experience. Leave all your doors open.” – Garrett Hynson

“Start applying to dream things [internships] second year, just to get used to the application process so that you have a solid resume and cover letter writing skills. Then be aggressive in applying to internships the fall of third year. Hopefully that will help you know what you need to do to get your desired job fourth year.” - David Sabo

“Start early. Apply to as many jobs as you can because you'll never know what you want and who wants you until late in the game.”- Baird Snyder

“Start your job search early by attending career fairs in the fall of your 4th year; especially Commerce Career day. At the fairs, make sure to talk to as many companies as possible to get a feel for what job will best suit you.” – Andrew Dailey

“Be creative.” – Hillary Goldstein

“Start your job search early, and treat it as a class that you have a hefty workload for!” – Maura Liebendorfer

“Be diligent and get started early. However, don't make a decision out of fear of the unknown. Patience and confidence.” – Phil Reens


Some gems from Rebecca Lopdrup’s panel talk about making the most of your summer internship:

  • “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you’re young.”
  • “Efficiency is one of my habits.”
  • “When informational interviewing, always ask “Who can I talk to next?”
  • “Be careful not to burnout.”
  • “Pretend as if you are an actual employee.”
  • “Say yes as much as you can.”
  • “Don’t overcommit.”
  • “Don’t Facebook friend your recruiter or boss.”
  • “Don’t hit reply all.”
  • “Be passionate about something.
  • “Be proactive on the job search. Know the company like you are going to take it over the next day”
  • “Know your limitations before you commit to stuff (be honest about what you know and don’t and then source the info you need).