Self Assessment

For anyone considering their next steps in an internship or job search, taking a self-assessment can be instrumental.

The ECO will go so far as to say that an honest and thorough assessment of one's skills, knowledge, values, and personal atrributes can be life-altering. Below, the ECO has provided a self-assessment to get you started in your job search. A companion piece, the Personal Strategic Career Plan, will help you put it all together as the foundation for your internship/job search strategy. For widely used and industry-standard self assessments the ECO recommends the Strong Interest Inventory and the MBTI. Both may be taken through the UVA Career Center. Results may be interpreted by the Career Center or the ECO. Other ECO-approved assessments are listed at the bottom of this page.

Below is a list of ECO Recommended Assessment tools.

Career Interest Game - Play online

ECO Self-Assessment and Personal Strategic Career Plan

Focus 2  - Highly Recommended on-line assessment. Interpret results with a career advisor!

Life Values Inventory - Visit online

Myers Briggs - Disbursed by the UVA Career Center

ONET – Next Move - Visit online

Strong Interest Inventory - Disbursed by the UVA Career Center