Blog: Making the Most of Your Summer Internship/Work Experience

Monday, June 28, 2021

How to Make the Most of Your Summer Internship/Work Experiences

Whether it is virtual, in-person, or a bit of both, your summer work experience is a chance to build skills, relationships, and possibly parlay the internship into a full-time offer or renewed employment!
Think of the summer as an extended job interview - where you are getting the chance to be a first-pick for full-time work, and you are determining if this is an employer/job function that interests you!

Plan Your Internship!

Design goals for yourself. These may be:

  • skills or concepts you'd like to build (For example MSExcel, Python, data analysis, Tableau, project management, etc.)
  • projects you'd like to design (Design a website, analyze data and produce a written and oral report)
  • relationships you'd like to build (Meet 5 people in the organization through a virtual or in-person meeting)
  • experiences you'd like to have (Attend a staff meeting of senior-level team members; represent your team on a committee)
  • meet with your hiring manager to discuss relevant goals (some may be your personal goals and not for your supervisor's consumption)

Interview! (Yes, you are conducting the interviews!)

  • You want to learn more about this employer, your job function, and the industry. Can you see yourself working with this organization? With this supervisor?
  • ​Spend time in the office (if possible) to learn about Team Culture and Employer Culture (These are not always the same.)
  • You can learn about the firm's virtual culture through their interactions with you and your peers/colleagues
  • Schedule 15 minutes with staff in varying roles and levels, starting with those working full-time in your possible future role
  • Get to know people, both by reaching out and developing a positive reputation. 
  • Stay connected to your recruiter 

Get Involved!

  • Attend events (in-person or virtual) that you are invited to
  • ​Ask questions of your supervisor or recruiter
  • Join clubs or affinity groups, especially if your employer is large and has organized groups for employees/interns ​

Find a Mentor/Employee You Trust

  • Your mentor may be assigned to you through a formal program in which case make the most of the opportunity
  • ​Find a mentor, or someone with whom you feel comfortable and may ask questions. This is not always possible; but, don't be shy about asking other employees to meet with you in person or virtually to discuss their work. You may hit it off and find an informal mentor
  • Mentors can help you navigate through new situations at work
  • Mentors can be future advocates for you with your current employer or a future employer

Document Your Work!

  • Catalog all of your projects in a notebook or spreadsheet
  • List these by responsibilities and results
  • Brainstorm the skills you used and developed and the people with whom you worked to get the work done
  • Add this information to your resume and LinkedIn account
  • Create a website ( or to showcase your work, if applicable
  • Practice speaking about your summer experiences
  • Record the names and contact information of the people you worked with and connect with them on LinkedIn

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Adapted from the Muse and the ECO's summer internship PowerPoint, How to Make the Most of Your Summer Internship and alum Sabrina Grandhi's recommendations.