2023 ECO Highlights

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close we wish to share with you some highlights!

Women in Economics:

In March, we became founding members of Women in Economics across the Nation, a consortium of universities brought together by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’s 2023 February women’s symposium. As founding members, we are shaping programs both at UVA and in local communities to expose girls and women to career opportunities aligned with an economics degree and to demonstrate the flexibility of the degree in the labor market. Our next program was held in October when we co-hosted a virtual panel of 30 alumni from universities across the nation. In November we continued the conversation here on Grounds with six professionals who spoke on their career trajectories and challenges and opportunities for women in the labor market  While we received great feedback, one comment in particular stood out…

I really liked the luncheon opportunity to speak directly with the panelists. One unexpected aspect that I enjoyed was the presence of Econ grad student attendees and undergrads younger than me. My conversations ultimately felt more like intergenerational women in economics sharing as I gave a few second years advice on classes, the grad students counseled me on grad school, and the panelist spoke with the grad students about industry—all at the same table. This was a super cool experience...” 

Economics Undergraduate Economics Career Forum:

Our ECO Student Advisory Board planned and welcomed 8 UVA alumni back to Grounds for 36 hours of engaging and informative career programming reaching more than 100 student participants and 10 faculty partners. 


Economics Resume and Cover Letter Guide:

We completed the publication of this guide to assist students in conceiving of and designing their professional materials for fields and job functions our majors pursue, with real resumes and cover letters of students and alumni who landed jobs in these fields.

Major to Major Career Coaching Fair:

We paired up fourth-years returning from summer internships with lower-level students to share opportunities and take advantage of our students’ very recent internship experiences. Strategies and advice were shared among more than 300 participants!


We provided individual advising for more than 300 students and served 700 students through our workshops and other programs.

Outcomes Reports

We completed our analysis of the Class of 2022 and where they launched after graduation. We use this data in our advising, workshops, and to share with students as they consider declaring the major.


More than 50 alumni donated their time and expertise to our students through professional development programs, like conducting resume reviews, sitting on panels, and hosting information sessions representing their employers.

We listened to students in Econ 3010, who are on the way to declaring the major and established drop-in career advising opportunities for prospective majors.

Co-curricular Career Programming

The ECO continues our partnership with Econ 3010 whereby all students in Intermediate Micro economics, the gateway class to declare the major. participate in several professional development activities including writing and practicing their elevator pitch, building a LinkedIn profile, designing a personal strategic career plan, and attending career-related programming.


We sent 30 weekly newsletters and more than 50 job and event announcements to students reaching more than 75% of our students as demonstrated by click-through rates.

The ECO builds community, provides career education, and encourages new networks for our students, alumni, faculty, and friends.

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