How I Got This Job: Meetings with Recent Econ Alumni

Program Description and Format:

The How I Got This Job series brings together a small group of students with guest speakers (alumni, faculty, or other professionals) to discuss our special guests’ careers in an informal setting. Our guests are asked to share their career-related stories and ultimately answer how their UVA experience helped them in their career.

Students are asked to consider questions to pose to the ECO guests. The program is meant to be relaxed and candid. A moderator starts off the conversation. 


  • Share information about jobs in a specific field and what to consider in entering this field (preparation for entry, barriers to entry, job search process, tactical strategies for entry). 
  • Establish connections between alumni in career areas that economics majors may pursue.
  • Provide students access to practitioners and for practitioners to meet our economics students and engage with the department.