Economics Undergraduate Career Forum Lineup - March 24 and March 25, 2022

What can you do with an economics major? Almost anything! 

Join the Economics Department in welcoming alumni and other guests 3/24 and 3/25 for keynote talks, office hours with alumni in career fields representing the diversity of jobs economics majors pursue, and career exploration panels.  You’ll hear from guests with diverse backgrounds who will provide tips and advice about your internship and job search. and you'll have a chance to ask questions and speak one-on-one with your choice of visitors. This program will be of interest to all students who are considering work in the fields of our guests and those interested in learning how to apply the economics major in the job market.

Attendees may register for one session or multiple. 
Panels will include: Careers in Finance, Law, Consulting, Government and Think Tanks, Tech, and Data Science.

Economics majors have priority registration until 3/14. At that time, the programs will be open to all A&S students.
Office hours are for economics majors only until 3/21 and then will open up to other majors. 


Below is information about all of the programming from the 2021 Undergraduate Economics Career Forum. Details for the 2022 program will be posted by February 15.

2021 Economics Undergraduate Career Forum Information
Day 1: February 26, 2021 


Friday, 2/26 Data Analytic Panel from 10-11 am

Friday, 2/26 Data Analytic Office Hours from 11:15-12 pm

Friday, 2/26 Hoos For The Common Good in Econ Panel from 12:15-1:15 pm

Friday, 2/26 Finance Office Hours Session 1 from 12:30-2 pm

Friday, 2/26 Hoos For The Common Good in Econ Office Hours from 1:30-2 pm

Friday, 2/26 Finance Panel from 2-3pm

Friday, 2/26 Finance Office Hours Session 2 from 3:15-4 pm


Alumni Participants 

Federico Cohen Freue, Mastercard, (Economics, ’11)

John Hollinger, National Basketball Association, (Economics, ‘93)

Morgan Sword, Major League Baseball, (Economics, ’07)

Luis Maes, Nike, (Economics, ‘00)

Matthew Raskin, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, (Economics, ‘96)

Caitlin Robisch, Children’s Aid, (Economics, ‘07)

Jenny Schuetz, Brookings Institute, (Economics, ‘97)

Daniel Morrill, Bridgewater Associates, (Economics, ’19)

Gryte Verbusaityte, American Express, (Economics, ’11)

Andrew Marianski, L.L. Bean, (Economics, ’01)

Annaliesa Routh, Spectrum Equity, (Economics, ’15)

BJ Vargas, JP Morgan, (Economics, ’99)