Sano Nagai

At the time of this interview, Sano worked as an Associate Technical Project Manager at Yext.

Why did you major in econ? / Has it served you well?
I majored in econ because of a great experience I had in my junior year of high school. My school offered AP Micro/Macro, and the teacher was incredibly enthusiastic, understanding, and knowledgeable. Aside from the teacher, I enjoyed learning how data points and logic are able to explain what may seem mundane and "normal" in everyday life. Knowing that numbers are able to tell stories was what drew me to the subject. At UVA, I dove right into the major and enjoyed the diverse courses offered - from development to international finance to auction theory! I believe the logical thinking and information synthesizing skills have served me well outside of academics.

Favorite econ courses/professors?
My favorite econ course is ECON 422 (International Finance) with Eric Van Wincoop. The professor is extremely knowledgeable and also helpful during office hours! The subject matter is incredibly interesting to me, as I had a concentration in International Economics - it was my first finance class, but it didn't feel boring at all. In fact, learning about the economics of relevant events like the shock of 2008 was eye-opening for me as a first year.

Some tips from your experience with the application –> job process?
My best advice is to leverage the amazing Career Center that UVA has. The huge career fairs as well as one-on-one counseling on career path/resume building/networking has helped me tremendously. In addition, for economics majors specifically, we have an amazing network of alumni as well as a dedicated Career Counselor, Jen Jones, with the ECO. From specific events catered towards econ majors to job/industry specific interview practice, Jen and the ECO have been an amazing resource for me (even past graduation)!

Something you want to tell current students?
I would tell students to enjoy their UVA days as a student, and not focus so much on the pressure of "getting a good internship/job." With a UVA education and the resources available, you are much more capable and employable than you may believe! Don't doubt your abilities, and don't let that thought hinder your performance in academics or ability to enjoy your college days.