Simon Anderson

Commonwealth Professor of Economics

Office Address

Monroe Hall, Room 236A

Hours: Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30pm or by appointment

Fields of Interest

Advertising, Search and information, Price dispersion, Media economics, Industrial Organization


Bachelor of Science (BS), University of Southampton
Master of Arts (MA), Queen's University at Kingston
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Queen's University at Kingston

Research Papers

Selected Publications

  • Discrete Choice Theory of Product Differentiation  (with A. de Palma and J.F.Thisse) MIT Press  1992
  • Oligopolistic Competition and the Optimal Provision of Products  (with A. de Palma and Y. Nesterov)  Econometrica, 63(6), 1281–1301, 1995
  • Rent Seeking with Bounded Rationality: An Analysis of the All-Pay Auction (with J. Goeree and C. Holt) Journal of Political Economy, 106(4), 828–853, 1998
  •  Market Provision of Broadcasting: A Welfare Analysis (with Stephen Coate), Review of Economic Studies, 72(4), 947–972, 2005
  •  Advertising Content  (with Regis Renault), American Economic Review, 96(1), 93–113, 2006

Other Research Papers

Working Papers