The American Economic Review
Evidence from the Old Age Assistance Program

Lee Lockwood (with Daniel Fetter)

JIE Cover
Containerization and Trade

Kerem Cosar (with Banu Demir)

JF Cover
An Experiment

Ana Fostel (with Marco Cipriani and Daniel Houser)

Does Information Increase Post-Secondary Enrollment of UI Recipients

Sarah Turner (with Andrew Barr)

Eric Young (with Athreya, Sanchez, Tam)

Kerem Cosar (with Barjamovic, Chaney, Hortacsu)

Wage Premium and Value Addition in Elite Colleges

Sheetal Sekhri

Pecuniary Externalities in Economies with Financial Frictions
Effects on Crime Reporting and Domestic Violence

Amalia Miller (with Carmit Segal)

The Review of Economics and Statistics
Coping with Ambiguity Using Bounded- Variation Assumptions

John Pepper (with Charles Manski)