Appointments for Students

“ECO Internship and Job Search Basics” Workshop

  • All majors are required to attend the workshop as a pre-req for individual advising. 
  • After attending a workshop, you may schedule an appointment or drop-in with the ECO advisor.
  • Workshops are held once a month during the academic year.
    • The list of dates is located in Handshake.
    • Search by “Basics of the Internship and Job Search Process” for the full list of dates for the semester/the next workshop.
    • You may register in Handshake.

The workshop will prepare you for your job or internship search by giving you the tools to help build an effective professional toolkit.
This program, offered by the ECO, will provide you with the foundations for:

  • Assessing your interests
  • Researching career options
  • Crafting a resume and cover letter
  • Developing your networking and communication skills and resources
  • Locating career events and resources online (recruiting calendars/timelines, ECO website, Vault, Career Center website, Handshake)
  • Designing your next steps


Full instructions follow:

Make an Appointment with the ECO

Step 1. Search the "Events" tab in Handshake for upcoming workshops. Attend the “ECO Internship and Job Search Basics” workshop. One workshop is scheduled per month.

screen shot of Handshake search


Step 2. Once you’ve attended this workshop you will be cleared to make appointments with the ECO Advisor through Handshake.
Click on "Appointments" from your homepage in Handshake and you will see a blue button for scheduling appointments.
Click on this and the ECO will pop up as one of your choices. You will see the image below to schedule.

Image of appointment button