Lee Lockwood

Assistant Professor

Office Address

Monroe Hall, Room 248

Hours: Wednesday 10:45-11:45am

Fields of Interest

Public Finance, Labor Economics


B.S. Industrial Engineering and Economics, Northwestern University

M.Sc. Economics, London School of Economics

Ph.D. Economics, University of Chicago


Targeting with In-Kind Transfers: Evidence from Medicaid Home Care
April 2019 (with Ethan Lieber), American Economic Review, 109 (4): 1461-1485
NBER working paper #24267

Incidental Bequests and the Choice to Self-Insure Late-Life Risks
September 2018; American Economic Review, 108(9): 2513-2550.
NBER working paper #20745

Government Old-Age Support and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Old Age Assistance Program
August 2018 (with Daniel Fetter); American Economic Review, 108(8): 2174-2211.
Featured in the NBER Digest, in the NBER Reporter, as the AEA Chart of the Week, and by the Institute for Policy Research
NBER working paper #22132

Bequest Motives and the Annuity Puzzle
April 2012; Review of Economic Dynamics, 15(2): 226-243.

Geographic Variation in Health Care: The Role of Private Markets.
Spring 2010 (with Tomas Philipson, Seth Seabury, Darius Lakdawalla, and Dana Goldman)
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 325-361.