Devaki Ghose

Office Address

Monroe Hall, Room B-10

Hours: Wednesday, 5.30-7.00


James Harrigan
John McLaren
Kerem Cosar

Fields of Interest

Trade, Economic Geography, Education, Development, Industrial Organization


Ph.D. Candidate, University of Virginia (Expected May 2019)

M.A. Economics, University of Virginia (May 2016)      

M.S. Economics, Indian Statistical Institute (May 2013)                                                                                               

B.S.  Economics, St. Xavier’s College (May 2011)                                                                                                             

Working Papers

Identifying Vertical Linkage in Agglomeration: Empirical Evidence from India

I estimate the contribution of vertical linkage (the linkage between input suppliers and output producers) in the spatial agglomeration of industries by studying the location patterns of Information Technology (IT) firms and Technical Colleges that supply workers to these firms. I use two novel instruments to causally identify the effect of firm location on college location, and the effect of the supply of skilled labor on firm location. I find that two new colleges open in a district following the entry of a single firm in that district. My results also show that an increase in number of skilled college graduates by 10,000 in a district leads to 7 new firms entering the district. A 1% increase in a district’s labor supply of college graduates increases firm entry by 4.16 %. I write a structural model to understand the mechanisms behind my findings.

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