Karim Chalak

Assistant Professor

Office Address

Monroe Hall, Room 256

Hours: Zoom: Tuesday and Thursday 1:20 - 2:20pm or by appointment

Fields of Interest

Econometric Theory, Applied Econometrics, Causal Inference


B.A. Economics (major), Mathematics (minor) with High Distinction, American University of Beirut
M.A. in Economics, University of California, San Diego
Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, San Diego

Working Papers

  • Chalak, K. and D. Kim (2020), ''Measurement Error in Multiple Equations: Tobin's q and Corporate Investment, Saving, and Debt,'' Journal of Econometrics, 214, 413-432. (Link).
  • Chalak, K. (2019), ''A Note on the Robustness of Quantile Treatment Effect Estimands,'' Economics Letters, 185, Article 108703. (Link).
  • Chalak, K. and D. Kim (2019), ''Measurement Error without the Proxy Exclusion Restriction,'' Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, forthcoming. (Link).
  • Chalak, K. (2019), ''Identification of Average Effects under Magnitude and Sign Restrictions on Confounding,'' Quantitative Economics, 10, 1619-1657. (Link).
  • Chalak, K. (2017), ''Instrumental Variables Methods with Heterogeneity and Mismeasured Instruments,'' Econometric Theory, 33, 69-104. (Link).
  • White, H., H. Xu, and K. Chalak (2014), ''Causal Discourse in a Game of Incomplete Information,'' Journal of Econometrics, 182, 45-58. (Link).