Women in Economics

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Economics Conference at UVA Promotes Opportunities for Women in the Field

Lexi Schubert (Econ & Cog Sci, Class of '17) also had this to say about the conference: "Personally, it was incredibly inspiring to meet economists like Sandy Black and Claudia Goldin. They are incredible role models and reinforced my own aspirations to go into academia. The conference also reinforced the idea that it is important to provide students with more information on what economics can be about. Often economics is perceived as an alternative business major. However, it is much more than that. A large part of the "economic training" is about giving students neat tools for solving problems. Those can be used in business, but also far beyond, into fields like education, development, health, public policy, etc. Making the information about ample opportunities as an econ major available to incoming students - especially women - is something that the Economics Club at UVA will look into now. Also, peer-led programs, like the Department's Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship or the Econ Club's Tutoring Program, play a crucial role in providing students with that kind of information from bottom-up instead of top-down."

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