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Department of Economics Graduation Ceremony

2016 Department of Economics Graduation Ceremony! 


See other Ceremony vidoes here: (scroll down to the bottom, under 'Alumni')



*SOAR survey*


  • Official Diplomas will not be awarded during any Department's Graduation ceremony. Instead, they will be mailed out to the graduate’s “Diploma Mailing Address” in SIS, within 8 weeks after Final Exercises. The “Diploma Mailing Address” must be updated in SIS by May 2nd, 2016.
    • Graduates will only receive ONE diploma- even if they are double-majoring (including students with majors from different Colleges).
  • A ceremonial scroll will be handed to graduates as they cross the stage- this will not be the real diploma (see bullet-point above).
  • Graduating students can attend the Economics Graduation ceremony if Economics is their second major.


A professional photographer from Photo Specialties will take pictures of graduates as they cross the stage. They will contact students after the ceremony with instructions on how to order photographs. Photo Specialties is an independent contractor, not affiliated with the Department of Economics or the University of Virginia. You are not obligated to purchase these prints, but if you are interested, please contact Photo Specialties directly at or 1-800-722-7033.


The University is rolling out a new tool called the Student Outcome Activity Report, or SOAR, to better understand professional development for our students. Perhaps you are exploring job or internship opportunities; perhaps you are applying to graduate or professional school; perhaps you are planning to travel or be a service volunteer; or perhaps you are still deciding your next step.  No matter which of these describes you, we are interested in knowing where you are in this important process. Please log-in to your SOAR profile now and complete your profile. It takes 5 minutes to complete and provides the University with data to inform career development