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Course Offerings for Spring 2019 & Previous Syllabi

Below is the most recent version available of a syllabus from the professor who will teach the course in Spring 2019. These are not the official syllabi for Spring 2019.

If there isn't a syllabus available for a class from the professor teaching it, the syllabus from previous professors will be provided or a course description written by the Spring 2019 professor. These courses are marked with a “*”.

If a course is not listed on this website you should assume that we do not plan to offer it this Spring. However, if there are any changes to what we offer this page will be updated immediately. Updates can be made to course offerings before course registration begins on November 5th, so please check this site again before then.

We will be offering four new courses this Spring: Household Finance (ECON 3559); Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work (ECON 4559); Finance, Economics, and Pricing Risk (ECON 4559); and Markets, Mechanisms, and Machines (ECON 4559). Scroll down to learn more!

(Released October 12, 2018. Last updated October 12, 2018.)

ECON 2010 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics

Carter Doyle - Spring 2018 Syllabus

Marc Santugini - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 2020 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics

Lee Coppock - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 3010 Intermediate Microeconomics

Prerequisites: ECON 2010 and CALC II (MATH 1220, MATH 1320, APMA 1110, MATH 2310, MATH 2315 or APMA 2120).

Andrew Kloosterman - Spring 2017 Syllabus

Peter Troyan - Spring 2016 Syllabus

ECON 3020 Intermediate Macroeconomics

Prerequisites: ECON 2020 and ECON 3010 or 3110.

Maria Westerfield - Spring 2018 Syllabus

Eric Young - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 3030 Money and Banking

Prerequisites: ECON 2020.

Carter Doyle - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 3050 Economics of Welfare Reform

Prerequisites: ECON 2010.

Ed Olsen - Spring 2017 Syllabus

*NEW CLASS! ECON 3559 Household Finance

Prerequisites: ECON 2010.

Sheisha Kulkarni -

This course introduces foundational topics in consumer financial decision making such as borrowing, investing, insurance markets, and budgeting. Each topic will include a brief introduction to the related economic theory, a survey of existing research, and an examination of how decision-making biases can affect financial decisions within this topic. Students will then be expected to apply this theory and research to their own financial decisions.

ECON 3630 Economics of the Middle East

Prerequisites: ECON 2010 and 2020.

Julia Devlin - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 3720 Introduction to Econometrics

Prerequisites: STAT 2120 or STAT 3120 or APMA 3110 or APMA 3120.

Karim Chalak - Spring 2017 Syllabus

Ronald Michener - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4070 Gender and Economics

Prerequisite: ECON 3010 or ECON 3110 and ECON 3720 or 4720.

Amalia Miller - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4080 Law and Economics

Prerequisite: ECON 3010 or ECON 3110

Maria Westerfield - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4160 Economics of Health

Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 3720 or 4720.

Amalia Miller - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4170 The Economics of Risk, Uncertainty, and Information

Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 3020

Marc Santugini - Fall 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4195 Empirical Industrial Organization

Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 3720 or 4720.

Federico Ciliberto - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4200 Antitrust Policy

Prerequisite: ECON 2010.

Anthony Swisher - Fall 2017 Syllabus

ECON 4210 International Trade: Theory and Policy

Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110, and ECON 3720 or 4720 or STAT 3220. 

John McLaren - Fall 2017 Syllabus

ECON 4220 International Finance and Macroeconomics

Prerequisite: ECON 3020.

Eric Van Wincoop - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4320 Economics of Urban Areas

Prerequisite: ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 3720.

William Johnson - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4350 Corporate Finance

Prerequisite: ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 3030, and STAT 2120 or equivalent. 

Instructor- TBD - Fall 2015 Syllabus

ECON 4360 Empirical Finance

*Instructor Permission*, Prerequisites: Must have met the Financial Economics concentration declaration prerequisites.

Steven Peterson - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4370 Behavioral Finance

Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 4340.

Edwin Burton - Spring 2016 Syllabus

ECON 4400 Topics in Economic History

Prerequisites: ECON 3020 or ECON 2010 and 2020 (or instructor permission). 

Mark Thomas - Fall 2016 Syllabus

ECON 4430 Environmental Economics

Prerequisite: ECON 3010 or 3110.

Sheetal Sekhri - Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4445 Policy Analysis

Prerequisites: ECON 3720 or 4720.

Eric Chyn - Fall 2018 Syllabus

*NEW CLASS! ECON 4559 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Prerequisites: Either ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 3020 (can be taken concurrently) or CS 3102 (can be taken concurrently).

Anton Korinek -

This course analyzes the implications of advances in AI for the economy and studies how the different sectors will be impacted by AI. It will provide you with guidance on how to acquire skills that will likely remain relevant over the coming two decades. Furthermore, the course covers the long-run implications of artificial intelligence rivaling human intelligence.

*NEW CLASS! ECON 4559 Macro Trading

Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 3020 and ECON 4340 and STAT 2120

Sunit Shah - 

Through readings, lecture, and in-class discussion, this course surveys the examination and quantification of risk in financial markets in a variety of settings, including interest rates, options, government debt, mortgage-backed securities, currencies, commodities, and macroeconomic metrics.

*NEW CLASS! ECON 4559 Markets, Mechanisms, and Machines

Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110 and ECON 3720 or 4720. 

Denis Nekipelov - 

This course will present a collection of topics from Economics and Computer Science that constitute the building blocks of modern user-facing electronic systems. Many examples will come from modern digital advertising platforms that have both created huge success in user reach and effectiveness for advertisers and, at the same time, have generated a trail of user privacy concerns. 

ECON 4610 Economic Development

Prerequisites: ECON 2020, and ECON 3010 or 3110, and ECON 3720 or 4720.

Sandip Sukhtankar- Spring 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4720 Econometric Methods

Prerequisites: ECON 3720 or STAT 3120 or STAT 3220 or APMA 3110 or APMA 3120; and MATH 3350 or MATH 3351 or APMA 3080. 

Lidia Kosenkova - Fall 2018 Syllabus

ECON 4820 Experimental Economics

Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110 and a course in statistics, or instructor permission

Charlie Holt - Fall 2018 Syllabus

*ECON 4880 Seminar in Policy Analysis

*Instructor Permission*, Prerequisites: ECON 3010 or 3110, ECON 3720, and ECON 4310.

Christopher Ruhm

Leora Friedberg - Spring 2017 Syllabus

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