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Steven Stern

Merrill H Bankard Professor of Economics

Phone: 434-924-6754
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Office Location

Monroe Hall, Room 224

Office Hours

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Research Interests

Labor Economics; Cross-section Econometrics; Economics of Aging and Disability; Empirical IO


  • Bachelor of Science (BS), University of Pennsylvania
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Pennsylvania
  • Master of Arts (MA), Yale University
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Yale University

Selected Publications

"Measuring the Effect of Disability on Labor Force Participation," Journal of Human Resources,  1989, 24(3): 361-395.

"The Effects of Firm Optimizing Behavior in Matching Models,"  Review of Economic Studies, 1990, 57(4): 647-660.

"Job Exit Behavior of Older Men," (with James Berkovec), Econometrica, 1991, 59(1): 189-210.

"A Method for Smoothing Simulated Moments of Discrete Probabilities in Multinomial Probit Models," Econometrica, 1992, 60(4): 943-952.

"Estimating Family Long-Term Care Decisions in the Presence of Endogenous Child Characteristics,"  Journal of Human Resources, 1995, 30(3): 551-580.

"Semiparametric Estimates of the Supply and Demand Effects of Disability on Labor Force Participation,"  Journal of Econometrics, 1996, 71(1-2): 49-70.

 "Simulation-Based Estimation," Journal of Economic Literature, 1997, 35(4): 2006-2039.

"Semiparametric Estimation of Count Regression Models," (with Shiferaw Gurmu and Paul Rilstone), Journal of Econometrics, 1999, 88(1): 123-150.

"Strategic Play Among Family Members when Making Long-Term Care Decisions," (with Bridget Heidemann), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 1999, 40(1): 29-57.

"Long-term Care and Family Bargaining," (with Maxim Engers), International Economic Review, 2002, 43(1): 73-114.

"Shared Caregiving Responsibilities of Adult Siblings with Elderly Parents," (with Tennille Checkovich), Journal of Human Resources, 2002, 37(3): 441-478.

"Survival Model of Community Tenure for the Seriously Mentally Ill: A Ten Year Perspective," (with Frederick Holt and Elizabeth Merwin), Health Services and Outcomes Research,  2002, 2: 117-135.

"Estimating Disabled People's Demand for Specialized Transportation", (with Peter Bearse, Shiferaw Gurmu and Carol Rapaport), Transportation Research, 2004, 38(9): 809-831.

"Cohabitation, Marriage, and Divorce in a Model of Match Quality," (with Michael Brien and Lee Lillard), International Economic Review, 2006, 47(2): 451-494.

"Are Lemons Really Hot Potatoes," (with Monica Hartmann and Maxim Engers), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2009, 27(2): 250-263.

"Formal Home Health Care, Informal Care, and Family Decision-Making," (with David Byrne, Michelle Goeree, and Bridget Hiedemann), International Economic Review, 2009, 50(4): 1205-1242.

"The Educational Pipeline for Health Care Professionals: Understanding the Source of Racial Differences," (with Ivora Hinton, Jessica Howell, Elizabeth Merwin, Sarah Turner, Ishan Williams, and Melvin Wilson), Journal of Human Resources, 2010, 45(1): 116-156.

"The Effects of Rurality on Mental and Physical Health", (with Elizabeth Merwin, Emily Hauenstein, Ivora Hinton, Virginia Rovnyak, Melvin Wilson, Ishan Williams, and Irma Mahone),  Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 2010, 10(1): 33-66.