Dajun Lin

Office Address

Monroe Hall

Fields of Interest

Labor Economics, Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Research Papers

"Cognitive Performance and Labour Market Outcomes" (with Randall Lutter and Christopher J. Ruhm). Labour Economics 51(2018): 121-135

"Breastfeeding, Schooling and Income: Insights from the Indonesian Family Life Survey" (with with Randall Lutter, Christopher J. Ruhm and Siying Liu). Forthcoming at Maternal and Child Nutrition


Working Papers

"Air Pollution, Infant Morbidity and Infant Mortality: Evidence from 15 Years of Births and Deaths in Hong Kong" (with Jonathan Colmer, Siying Liu and Jay P. Shimshack)

"Dynamic Health Transition among Older Couples" (with Leora Friedberg and Dina Guo)

"Multidimensional Abilities, Task Content of Occupations, and Career Choices: A Dynamic Analysis"