Keeping your Job Search Organized

This is how I organize my job search:

1. Keep 3 running spreadsheets:

#1 For Interviews - to track interviews you go on, track first  impressions and results of the interview

#2 For Applying Online - to track jobs you apply to online, in person or over email

#3 For Networking - to track all Networking you do and Recruiters you have contacted, making notes of any follow up you need to do with the contacts you have made

Update these spreadsheets anytime you contact someone about a job, go on an interview or apply to a job. Keeping records will help you remember what is going on in your job search

2. Preparation for Interviews: Have a written out sheet of paper with all the research you have done about the company you are interviewing for, include the job description, a list of any questions you have about the position or the company and address and directions to the interview. Make sure to write down the day and time of the interview on the front of your packet of information for the interview and place your information in a folder you will take with you the day of the interview.

Also, track the day and time of the interviews on your Interviewing spreadsheet so you do not forget when they are and can add notes in the spreadsheet after the interview about your first impressions of the interview.

3. Follow up on Interviews. Make sure to track on your sheets of paper for preparation for interviews. Write on them and your spreadsheet the time frame in which they will follow up with you after the interview. So that you know when to expect a phone call or email or when to follow up with them.

4. Keep a Notebook Specifically for Your Job Search. Anytime recruiters call you with a job lead, write down the recruiters contact information in your notebook so that you have a record of who called, for what position and what company. Then you can call them back if the position in a good match

When you organize your job search you make it easier for yourself and keeps you prepared when employers call you and when you go on interviews.

Thursday, January 24, 2019