First UVA Economics GRAD Conference

Thursday, October 27, 2016


UVA Economics Gatherings for Researchers with Advanced Degrees (GRAD) hosted the First Economics GRAD alumni conference in September 2016.  It was a wonderful weekend, drawing alumni who graduated as far back as 1992 and those who just received their PhDs this spring. 

The conference presentations covered a wide range of topics, from Daniel Wilson’s (BA 1995) research on how star scientists choose where to live, to Devesh Raval’s (BA 2005) presentation on the influence of distance on medical provider choice.  The keynote speaker, Derek Neal (PhD 1992), gave a fantastic workshop on his new paper coauthored with Gadi Barlevy, “Allocating Effort and Talent in Professional Labor Markets.”

Following the research sessions the alumni, their guests, several UVA faculty members, and current students enjoyed a cocktail reception in the Monroe Hall courtyard and dinner on The Lawn.  Saturday was a more casual day, with many groups of alumni getting together to revisit old haunts in Charlottesville and discover all the new additions, before meeting for a picnic in the gardens and then heading over together to the Hoo’s football game.

It was a great weekend.

We hope that you will be able to join us next fall for our second conference.  If you would like to get involved or learn more about UVA Econ GRAD - please take 2 minutes to fill out our survey at, or contact us at


Everett Grant (Ph.D. 2015), Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Bill Johnson (M.A. 2013), University of Virginia

Jeff Schafer (M.A. 2012), University of Virginia