Priya Chandrashekar

Econ Club Office: Co-President

Major(s): Economics and Statistics

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Year: Third year


What are you involved in on-grounds?

HooRaas-Classical Indian Dance Team, Hack Cville, Indian Student Association, VISAS ESL Workplace Program.

How has your economics experience been so far? Where do you hope to take your economics education?

It has been great! I would love to apply the knowledge I am learning in my economics courses into my career as well as into decision making in my personal life.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on pursuing a career revolving around business and technology.  My economics courses have played a big role in guiding me in this direction!

What has been your favorite topic or class in the department that you have taken?

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Do you have any advice for interested or newly declared majors?

Reach out to the department! Everyone is extremely helpful and invested in making sure students are successful in this major!

What is something interesting about you that people might not know?

Dance is another huge part of my life.  I have been involved with a classical form of Indian dance since I was 5 years old.

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