Devaki Ghose and Moogdho Mahzab Present at Young Economist Symposium (YES)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

In August 2018, Devaki Ghose and Moogdho Mahzab presented their research at the prestigious Young Economist Symposium (YES) held at New York University. YES is an annual student-run conference for Economics PhD students sponsored by NYU, Columbia, U Penn, Princeton and Yale. This year the conference received around 150 papers, and about 40 of these--written by students from Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, Oxford and other top Economics schools--were selected to be presented at the conference, providing the presenters the opportunity to reveive feedback from peers with diverse background and concentrations. Devaki Ghose presented her paper, “Trade and the changing pattern of education: Empirical evidence from India,” and discussed a paper presented by a student from Columbia University. Moogdho Mahzab presented his paper, “Dishonest politicians and public goods provisions,” and discussed a paper presented by a student from Cornell University. Both were members of the development panel.