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We’re introducing innovative product lines, implementing global efficiencies, expanding our national footprint and constantly evolving our stores. After all, ALDI is a company that’s focused on doing MORE and improving every aspect of our operations. You’ll see it in our expanded organic and locally grown produce offerings, our award-winning line of baby essentials and the cost-savings we pass along to our customers. This unwavering focus on growth and continuous improvement also extends to our careers, as we transform promising college talent into successful business executives.

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The District Manager role at ALDI is where it all begins – with paid training, serious benefits and an impressive salary. We’ve even been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work for Recent Grads by There’s no better place to put your college experience to work – managing a multimillion-dollar district and making an impact.">" width="57" />">$80,000/year
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Explosive Company Growth">Meet Andrew, District Manager<br /><br />
Ready to walk in a District Managers shoes? Spend some time with Andrew and see what its like.</p><br />
<p><See Video>" style="width:100%;height:auto;" width="600" />">">Ready for real responsibility as an ALDI District Manager? Contact us here.

With more than 650 new stores opening by 2018, we have leadership opportunities across the country for college students and recent grads. Make your mark, advance in your career and earn the rewards you deserve.

Monday, January 16, 2017