Graduate Econ Club


From left: Moogdho Mahzab, president; Daniel Harper, 2nd year representative; Hanna Charenkevich, 4th+ year representative; Fiorella Pizzolon and Luan Falcao, 3rd year representatives.

The Econ Grad Club is active in organizing a variety of activities throughout the year: 

  • Regular research meetings. For instance, Research Collaboration Meetings (RCM's) provide an opportunity for students to discuss their research with their fellow students. Some meetings may be organized around specific themes, such as working with LaTeX/Beamer, brainstorming second-year Summer Paper ideas, and a Core Exam Information Panel. Other meetings may be more general, with students discussing research ideas they may be considering or re-working. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for everyone to draw from fellow students' experience and expertise without the pressure of presenting in front of faculty.
  • A mentoring program, in which current students volunteer to mentor the incoming students during their first year. 
  • Social events, such as the winter and spring Department parties (with the faculty), happy hour gatherings, holiday parties (such as the Halloween and Latin American parties below) and the traditional soccer match between new and current students.

For more information, please contact the president, Moogdho Mahzab.